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High CBD Strains Available, 2019.

Unbeatable Quality

Otto Sweetend

Truly Top-Notch

Sweetly aromatic in smell. Unique terpene profile. Vigorous plant with short internodes, a very high yeilder in 2018. Mid season harvest, 16 -20% CBD 


Only the Best

Extra large sativa with large branching. Lower density plantings create massive plant with high yeilds of up to 4lbs of dry biomass per plant. Mold resistant and freeze tolerant. Very late season harvest, 12 -15% CBD

Trump Berry

Outstanding Quality

Medium size plant that tends to flower late. Finished flowers have a fruity undertone. Powdery mildew resistant.  Mid season harvest, 15 -17% CBD

Cherry Tangerine

Outstanding Quality

High in terps. Medium size plants the yeild dense colas. well suited for top cut flower in the east. Mold resistant. Early to Mid season harvest, 16 - 18% CBD

The Wife

Truly Top-Notch

CBD rich strain with a cherry flavor. Indica, Sativa 50/50 Hybrid. Vigorous growing plant with a medium to large size. Mid season harvest, 14 -19% CBD

Super CBD

Only the Best

Israel bred strain for low THC and vigorous growth. Widely adaptable plant. Rich in terpenes. Early to mid season harvest, 12 - 18% CBD

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Limited Availability

Trump Berry, ACDC, Tree Trunk, Original Cherry, and much more!

Top Cut Trump Berry

Truly Top-Notch

No pruning necessary. Compact plant with large colas good for smokeable flower production.  Early season harvest, 15 -18% CBD 

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